Aeroplus Epoxy



Easy Colour Paint Epoxy is a solvent based mixed with modified soft polymer paint for waterproofing, good rub resistance, water resistant, smooth surface, odour less, can be washed, free from powder, small crack sealer, no primer or undercoat required, easy to apply, anti - dirt, is especially formulated for exterior, interior and marine .

This premium high class formula paint is easy to use. Performance provided 2year+ protection against fungus and algae, chalking and flaking ( terms & conditions ).


  1. First, grind the surface of the floor (mozaic) in order to make sure the paint solvent grip the surface.
  2. After grinding, clean the place and make sure the surface is dry completely.
  3. a) Start painting, using the colour of your choice. b) Mix the colour / clear (epoxy) with the hardener well. Then, paint the mixed paint on the painted layer earlier (the layer need to be dry completely).
  • easy to apply, waterproof, anti — dirt, leveled surface. resist friction, washable, no need primer / undercoat
  • after mixing colour / clear (epoxy) with the hardener the paint need to be used until finish for it will become hardened.
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