Painting Guide


Painting Guide

Painting work: Painting jobcan be done by using paint Brushes, roller or air spray. Shake and mix the paint well before painting.


For normal application, use directly. If necessary, dilute With not more than 4% of water.


Washthe paint tools with water once painting is done.
touch dry

Recoating Interval

1 hours
recoating interval

Recoating Interval

1 hours


80 to 140 squarefeet per liter.


2 layers Painting Layer


Avoid painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls Arestill high.


H2O, Polymer, caco3, tio2, Surfactants, Preservatives, Pigments And Defoamer.


Harmful if inhaled, continuous contact with skin or swallowed.


Avoid contacting with eyes


  • Do not discard the paint content into the drain.
  • Do not inhale the paint scent
surface preparation

Surface Preparation

Make sure that the surface to be painted is clean from dirt, Grease, wax and other foreign matter. Remove all loose, defective paint or powdery Residue by brushing it or spraying with high pressure water onto the surface. Repair Cracks and uneven surfaces. Surface to be painted must be dried thoroughly before Any paint work to be started. For the excellence result, we offer a high quality wall seller Epaint High Gloss to be applied first, followed by two layers of Royal epaint / Exclusive Upaint or Classic bpaint Custom Made

Safe Forthe Interior

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint are considered harmful to the environment and especially for people who work with them on a regular basis. Exposure to VOCs has been related to organic solvent syndrome, although this relation has been somewhat controversial. The application of this type of paint indoor such as bedroom for children should be avoided.

In the United States, environmental regulations, consumer demand, and advances in technology led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes. These new paints are widely available and meet or exceed the old high - VOC products in performance and cost - effectiveness while having significantly less impact on human and environmental health.

Water based EPAINT with carefully blended of nanoparticle component will ensure a zero toxic effect to the user and environment. The green product such as water based ePaint should the paint to be used now instead of the harmful solvent based paint, especially in the close environment.

Paint Quality

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